A Guide to limo hire in Blackpool & Lancashire

When you hire a limousine there are a number of points to consider before you make your final decision. The cost, although often important, should not be the only factor to bear in mind. Below is a set of simple guidelines to help you choose the best limousine company for your needs. Any professional limousine service should not hesitate to answer any of the following questions.

The Company:
How long has the limousine service been in business and how many cars do they operate? Well established limousine companies are not necessarily better than new limousine services. It is however important that a limousine company runs sufficient cars in case of a break down and should have contingency plans in place for such an event.

The Limousines:
What type of limousine do you require? Nowadays Limousines come in many different styles and colours. If you want a specific colour and the latest design make sure the limousine operator can provide it. Older limousines have a squarer shape and are likely to have a higher mileage; they therefore may not be in as good a condition as the new Lincoln Millennium vehicles (limousines with the new rounded shape).

The Drivers:
The driver of your limousine is not necessarily something you would immediately consider when hiring a limousine. Drivers are however an important factor to consider: a professional driver, dressed in suit attire, who will open your doors, take your luggage and ensure you have everything you require throughout your journey can greatly enhance your limousine experience. Fortunately the majority of limousine companies employ experienced drivers who are very familiar with the areas to and from which they transport their customers.

The Journey:
From where will you want your limousine to pick you up, and exactly where will you want to be taken? Although this might seem obvious, remember that you must also consider the return journey. Does the limousine company usually operate in these areas? It is important that you explain exactly where you want to be picked up from and the time you want to be collected. If you want your friends to be collected from their homes then make this clear before you part with any money. The same rule applies on your return journey. Ensure the driver is clear about where passengers need dropping off.

How should you expect to pay for your limousine experience? Payment methods can vary between limousine companies, however the general rule is for half the total fee to be paid by credit or debit card at the time of the booking and the remainder to be paid in cash to the driver on the night. If you require a selection of drinks in the limousine then be sure to check if this is included in the price.

Insurance is an expensive overhead for any limousine business and therefore some companies may cut corners when insuring their vehicles and occupants. All limousine hire companies are required by law to have proper private hire insurance. It is advisable to enquire about a companies insurance policy before you book and, if you are in doubt, the company should provide you with a print out of their insurance details on request.